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7 Mar '19

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21 Mar '19

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2 Apr '19

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Chris Zainal
Vessel Operations
Oslo Bulk Holding Pte Ltd

The classroom training has given me the opportunity to clarify and discuss subject matters with our knowledgeable tutors. It is imperative in exam papers to demonstrate your understanding in theory by supporting it with practical scenarios in the shipping world. These real world examples are shared by tutors and are invaluable!

Gurpreet Singh
Value and Planning Manager
Shell Shipping & Maritime

The classroom training I attended equipped me with a broad understanding of the different elements in Shipping Business and prepared me well for the papers that I cleared later on. The classes were structured such that students were able to have open, in-depth discussions with our tutor to get a sound appreciation of the different topics.

The classroom training has provided me with better knowledge of the shipping industry outside of my work experience. The tutors are very experienced and professional in their subject field. The lessons were interactive, as the students and tutor get to share their opinions and views about the subject topics.

Qing Hao Sim
Assistant Manager
Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd

ICS classroom training/TutorShip provides a good platform for discussion on real world issues and the latest trends/case studies which can definitely aid in the examination especially when ICS questions requires demonstration of critical understanding of maritime knowledge beyond the textbooks. It is also setting for students/tutor from different sectors of the maritime industry to interact and share their knowledge and perspective.


Leon Tan
M.T. Maritime Pte Ltd Singapore